T5/74 LED Bulb – 1 SMD

MSRP: $5

Input Voltage: DC 9 – 16V

Amperage (draw): 0.01A

Warranty: 3 Years

Life Expectancy: 50,000+ hours

Lumens: 22

Dimensions: .67 x .21 in.

Replaces: 17, 18, 21, 24, 24NA, 27, 37, 70, 73, 74, 79, 85, 86, 103, 118, 936, 2040, 2337, 2721, 2723

Sold: Individually

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Product Description

LumaWerx™ – Upgrade your factory incandescent T5/74 bulb to LED technology with a simple plug and play solution. The T5 LED bulb can be commonly found as foot well lighting, interior lights and dash/instrument clusters.


Quality – LumaWerx™ uses the best quality LED chips, PCB boards and automated machinery to produce their LED boards. Each T5/74 SMD LED bulb features a single directional high power LED chip, giving you the most amount of light possible from such a small bulb.


Options – Color options can get confusing, especially with so many variations of the same color, we get it. We offer 3 different shades of white (warm white, pure white and cool white) as well as various other colors. A pure white is going to give off no yellow and no blue, simply a pure bright white output matching closest to a 5000k HID bulb. A cool white bulb will provide a slight hue of blue as you would see generally on a newer Audi and will match closest to a 6000k HID bulb. Warm white provides the most amount of light output with a more yellow output closest to a factory halogen/incandescent or 4300k HID bulb. We strongly recommend matching the LED color with the color of the lens it will be going behind to avoid any wash out of colors.


Installation – Could not be easier: Simply remove your stock 74 wedge base bulb and install the LumaWerx™ T5 LED bulb in its place. Note that LED bulbs are polarity sensitive so if it does not light up right away, simply remove the bulb, flip it 180 degrees and reinsert into socket.


Lifespan – LumaWerx™ LEDs are created to last a lifetime, with a 50,000+ hour lifespan, you can upgrade your entire car, truck or SUV with LED technology and not have to worry about replacing a bulb again. Beware of many sellers selling low quality LED chips with poor solder joints that may only last a couple of weeks.

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Pure White, Cool White, Warm White, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Amber, Red