About Us

Our Mission

Inspire and connect automotive enthusiasts with passion and education around the automotive lifestyle.


To provide quality, innovative and value oriented automotive lighting solutions.


High quality products is a must in the age of having name recognition. Having personnel on the factory floor inspecting the assembly process guarantees quality products. Strict quality control makes for no DOA parts, precise optics and products built to last.


Constructed with high quality components and leading edge techniques, we are confident and expect the LumaWerx products live up to the companies high standards, guarantee for 36 Months with a much longer expected life.


LumaWerx's high quality products and extraordinary service shows our pride in our product.  We encourage customers to verify a dealer to be an authorized dealer and recommend not to purchase from sources other than official distribution networks. All LumaWerx branded and licensed products feature a holographic seal confirming authenticity.