H4/9003 Switching Ground Polarity Module

MSRP: $25

What’s Included

    • Harness: 1x Switching Ground Adapter
    • Warranty: 2 Years
    • Sold: Individually


    • Vehicles: All with H4/9003 Plug
    • Voltage: 12V Systems Only

    Tech Specs

    • Blue Wire – Ground
    • Black Wire – Ground
    • Red Wire – Power
    • Input Voltage – DC 9-16V


Product Description

Solution – A common problem found on many older Japanese vehicles: a switching ground opposed to traditional switching power for headlamp systems. While it is not a problem for incandescent and halogen lighting, when converting to LED, polarity matters. This module will retain the ground and mimic the functionality of a traditional switching power system.


Designed – Create a simple plug-and-play solution for most vehicles using an industry standard H4/9003 headlight plug with a switching ground when going from low to high beam.


Installation – The LumaWerx™ H4/9003 polarity cancelers are designed to simply plug in-between the stock H4/9003 plug and allow your aftermarket LED lights to function properly while switching from high to low beam and low to high beam. To ensure proper functionality, we recommend installing one module on each side and installing at the same time as some cars and trust will not work properly without two modules installed together (one on each side).


Note – Some cars and trucks have factory connections that are reversed on either side, we strongly recommend checking each circuit with a volt meter or test light to check for low beam power, high beam power and ground or in some cases: ground, ground and power as one side of the vehicle may be different than the other.