Rubber Wind/Whistle Isolator for LED Light Bars

MSRP: $25

Material: Rubber

Fitment: Dual Row LED Light Bars – Straight and Curved

Sold: Individually


Product Description

The Fix – With over 100,000 sold since their release in 2015! For those experiencing wind noise from your roof mounted LED Light Bars, chances are the gap between your windshield and our light bar is just right to the point where you get resonance and vibration, sometimes even a slight whistle.

Quantity – How many do I need? From many trial and error tests, the technicians at HID Kit Pros found that applying one isolator to every 6-8 inches of the cooling fins of your LED Light Bar seems to do the trick best. Different applications with different mounting hardware can vary the quantity of isolators needed.

Note – Installation should be a snug fit, we do not want these falling off so applying pressure when installing is normal. Isolators were deigned to fit TOTRON brand light bars but may fit other brands.