4114K LED Bulb – LW30 CREE

MSRP: $45

Warranty: 2 Years

Life Expectancy: 50,000+ hours

Lumens: 680

Wattage (output): 30W

Draw (amperage): 2.5A @ 12V

Input Voltage: 12 – 24V

Dimensions: 2.49 x 0.71 x 0.71 in.

Replaces: 3157, 3057, 3357, 3457, 4157, 4114K, 4114LL and 4114

Sold: Individually

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Product Description

Bright – The 4114K LW30 CREE LED bulbs are the brightest replacement LED bulbs you can find today with American made CREE LED chips giving you a total of 30 watts of output while drawing 1/4 of a standard incandescent bulb. Each bulb produces a massive 680 lumens, the most amount of light output and the longest lifespan offered for any plug-and-play 4114K LED bulb.

Installation – Specifically created to be 100% plug-and-play for all applications. No conversion required, simply remove the old bulb and plug in the new LED and you’re done! Offered in a variety of colors so you can choose just what is best suited for your application.

Exclusive – These bulbs are specially designed for use in GM vehicles to work properly with their voltage spikes which occur in the daytime running lights/driving lights and cause normal LED’s to burn out. Our LED’s last over 50,000 hours and have zero issues with voltage spike, guaranteed.

GM Spec’d – Common vehicles which need this style of bulb: Cadillac, GMC, Hummer, Chevrolet and more. Not sure if this is the right bulb for your vehicle? Find out here. While the bulbs produce an astounding 30 watts of power, their draw is far less than a stock bulb so there are no worries of melting housings or burning up wires as the LW30 draws less and produces less heat compared to a stock 4114K bulb.


Additional information


Pure White, Amber, Red


3 Years